Monica Cruz, Agent Provocateur

As I always say, women are blessed with the far more elegant and aesthetic body. Men… can be nice to look at, but mostly just aren’t. Even if they’re handsome. At least as soon as the underwear is gone, every impression of nice body-as-a-whole-shape is lost with that last piece of cloth.
Anyway, underwear is the keyword. Or maybe Monica Cruz. – I am a downright fan of Penelope Cruz, her looks, her style, these eyes full of temperament. Just think of Maria Elena in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘. Magnificent.
Despite being a celebrity in their home country Spain, the younger sibling Monica has never really made it beyond that border. The last thing I remember is seeing her in an ad for fashion, the kind that’s hanging framed two by three meters all over the city. This year – and for the ad I’d like to show you here, Monica teamed up with Agent Provocateur, who already are somehow famous for their video advertisements (having its first early apex by the video featuring Kylie Minogue in 2001). However, I remember seeing the latest installment earlier this year (on, which, despite that I did know the label and it’s products for quite a while, was their first video commercial for me so far.
The underwear itsself always is somehow special and tries to hit the borderline between daring and ‘ups’-too-much, resulting in a well-balanced mixture of nice, hot and ‘geht-ja-gar-ma-nich-‘ (as some germans around me tend to say) underwear.
Well, hiring Monica Cruz possily was one of the best things for my taste they could do, the video itsself proves being uninspired, though.

youtube link, Wilhelmina


What She Knows About Germans

29) They enjoy a darker bread. The whiter the less trustworthy.

Already some time ago, I stumbeled upon this beautiful article on in which Liv of wrote about how she experienced living in germany. Despite her being located in Muenster, this article was featured in the berliner’s blog. Living in Berlin now for some little time myself I really feel what is written there in at least 2/3 of its content. It’s brilliant. It makes me laugh. Maybe you will, too.

What I Know About Germans

Life Hacks

I guess the art of life hacking is nothing new to you.
Anyway, here comes a youtube channel fully devoted on life hacks with a promising startup of 20 hacks in two videos.

Who says not all of them are useful? I’d love to try all of them, NOW!
find the channel here:


Facts About Life

#10: “Life doesn’t come with a hand to hold”, Act As One

BlowJob with a big fan

Dear Charlotte,

you may know all kinds of fans used for hair-motion effects in video captures.

Ever wondered what happens to the filmed one if you increase the power of the fan and rapidly switch it on?
Well here is the answer:


Pictures by Tadao Cern, 2012

click the picture for an uncountable amount of other people showing the weirdest their faces can do.

30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

18. Stop holding grudges. – Don’t live your life with hate in your heart.  You will end up hurting yourself more than the people you hate.  Forgiveness is not saying, “What you did to me is okay.”  It is saying, “I’m not going to let what you did to me ruin my happiness forever.”

(Marc from

I guess I’m like 5 months late to post this, but I just now stumbled upon the artice while browsing through the web. In the first place I shouldn’t let the article go uncommented since I think there are some elements that should not be generalized that easily. In particular because there will be folks reading and feeling that article which maybe are not reflecting their lives and actions as much as the writer does.

Due to my immanent lack of free time I will have to let all of you go just with the note above: Do not stop reflecting upon your life.

Music Video

Jake Gyllenhaal still is a handsome guy, I think the beard fits him very well. However, for me, he will always be Donnie Darko in part.

The Shoes – Time to Dance

Just in order not to forget


And besides, there is Saturday Hangover Fleamarket at White Trash in Mitte on Sunday starting at 12 noon featuring DJ set by SUPERMARKETACTIONTEAM and Live Music by the Berliner Kneipenchor. 1 Eur admittance, worth every cent! See you there!


The campaign against ACTA is hitting some road finally. I hope everybody can find some spare time to participate in either protests in a city close to you or at least help spreading the word.

Hope to see some of you in Berlin, 12.02.2012.

Also see Twitter coordination of the protests #stopACTA, #acta, @Stopp_ACTA.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage cocktail

Following the link to boingboing, you will learn how to mix this beautiful cocktail on display. I am in awe by its looks but also afraid that it might not be as mucilaginous and stringy as I’d like it to be. Anyway, it might be a better sensation to your gustative nerves the way it is in reality.