Monica Cruz, Agent Provocateur

As I always say, women are blessed with the far more elegant and aesthetic body. Men… can be nice to look at, but mostly just aren’t. Even if they’re handsome. At least as soon as the underwear is gone, every impression of nice body-as-a-whole-shape is lost with that last piece of cloth.
Anyway, underwear is the keyword. Or maybe Monica Cruz. – I am a downright fan of Penelope Cruz, her looks, her style, these eyes full of temperament. Just think of Maria Elena in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘. Magnificent.
Despite being a celebrity in their home country Spain, the younger sibling Monica has never really made it beyond that border. The last thing I remember is seeing her in an ad for fashion, the kind that’s hanging framed two by three meters all over the city. This year – and for the ad I’d like to show you here, Monica teamed up with Agent Provocateur, who already are somehow famous for their video advertisements (having its first early apex by the video featuring Kylie Minogue in 2001). However, I remember seeing the latest installment earlier this year (on, which, despite that I did know the label and it’s products for quite a while, was their first video commercial for me so far.
The underwear itsself always is somehow special and tries to hit the borderline between daring and ‘ups’-too-much, resulting in a well-balanced mixture of nice, hot and ‘geht-ja-gar-ma-nich-‘ (as some germans around me tend to say) underwear.
Well, hiring Monica Cruz possily was one of the best things for my taste they could do, the video itsself proves being uninspired, though.

youtube link, Wilhelmina


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