Berlin Weekend Selection

The weekend is enclosing and since the week itsself hasn’t been that packed for me (yeah, relaxing, finally), the upcoming days will have to make up for that. It seems they will:


Zoe.Leela @ Lovelite: I didn’t know Berlin-based Zoe Leela until I stumbled upon her name at Blitzgigs. The song beneath sounds nice to my ears, although I really can’t stand Warschauer Street, presented in the video, anymore. Let’s see what her performance will be like. The other vids available on YT are not that promising, which makes me unsure whether to attend this gig…

ByeRoy @ Bei Roy: Last show before the Roy’s hibernative cycle starts. There will be live performances by Pascal Fuehlbruegge, Echokrank, P.U.F.F., Diaet, Shield Your Eyes (I’m pretty curious about them) and a bunch of DJ’s for the afterparty. Bei Roy will have to close down (and hopefully reopen again next year upon the glimpse of the first warm and springlike sunrays), so make sure to say a proper farewell to Roy: Bye Roy!

Indie Heroes @ Kino International: The Big Party competing with the live music experiences shown above. If you’re more into dancing to some more or less famous tunes than attending concerts, this may your place to be tonight. Kino International is a nice change in partying locations for just one thing.


Rattenbar @ Supamolly – The pervy homo-rats are inviting again for a freaky evening in an ex-squatter athmosphere. Be prepared for a trashy show that will give you everything from horrors to coziness. But mainly enjoy a drink in a very appealing company.


Veronica Falls @ Roter Salon: Smooth and ear-pleasing Teenage Tragedy Indie Pop, a good way to end the week. Only drawback is the admission of 14Euro.


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