Living beliefs in new ways

Dear Charlotte,

I just had a flash through my mind, which maybe is a result and summary of all the feelings, situations and craves of the recent days and weeks. This being more of a feeling and attitude towards my current situation and the future events and situations, I still wanted to put this out to the world in some brief sentences.

Work hard, enjoy hard.
Get the best from life in return.

This will definitively have to involve some more relaxed handling of situations which recently did not put me to ease since I think too much about doing the right things concerning my surroundings instead of doing the right things with respect to my own beliefs. Also more planning in order to keep my strong Super-Ego pleased. But at the moment I have high hopes that my mind managed to catch up with life around me and is again ready to reinvest energy to where it belongs to make time memorable. It took some time, – nevertheless, the attitude that shaped my youth seems to be back.

Set Your Goals – The Fallen


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