Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently

Sweet and imaginative, dead true and heartbreaking. Please, jump over to the words-in-lines.tumblr:

Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently by Raul Gutierrez



Lukas Graham

When choosing music to listen to I stumbled upon this gem on Youtube, which previously was not included in my Lukas Graham playlist.
Denmark’s Lukas Graham is getting more and more attention in Germany and the feeling seems to be mutual if you take a look at the twitter-feed of Lukas himself.

I saw them in the beginning of 2012 in cozy Privatclub (they now reside at a new place, though) and it was worth every Penny.
If you only have time for one song I suggest snapping ‘Only One’ starting at 8:30.
What a bunch of great musicians!

No embedding, please, take me to YT

Facts About Life

The value of a smile
It enriches those who recieve, without impoverishing those who give.
Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is no earthly good to anybody till it is given away.

some NY department store via Dale Carnegie

Things I need #2: Sound Wagon

Does its fixed pace make sense if the length of each circle gets shorter on a vinyl record? Well, just forget about this and watch the vid:

Just the soundwagon on youtube, please

via SchleckySilberstein

Li Hongbo: Morphing White Paper Skulls

Just a quick snap without too many words:
Li Hongbo makes head sculptures from a couple hundred paper layers with the help of a technique that fixes each layer to its neighbouring ones. The result is a stretch- and bendable sculpture that looks more like it was made from unusually stable bubblegum. Somehow the pictures leave me with a dazzled, slightly uneasy feeling. Well done.

[vimeo 54967505 w=1024]

skulls on vimeo
via metafilter

I usually let it go

Things like these always get me to thinking quite hard, whether I developed a balanced way of not taking things to seriously or whether I don’t care enough anymore.
Anyway, this 6-year old, being asked for a storyboard for a short movie, can probably teach you about letting things go while telling a heart-warming story: ‘the scared is scared of the things you like’. Impressive.

scared on vimeo

via meta-filter

Things I need #1

This one is a killer for this year’s summer party season: vodka in a Tetra Pak. Straw included.

vodka image taken from buzzfeed

via buzzfeed

Gallery Hijacking

Nothing new, but quite a nice reinterpretation of Banksy’s first work.
There is so much truth in the thought that everybody can be art.

via thehighdefinite


Up to now I don’t really know what the real motivation to write this post is. Probably a mixture of promotion of Miley Cyrus, since I really like her, and the untouchablility of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Damn, where is that begging, hurt overcast in her voice?


Anyhow. I have to add my thought that ‘Jolene’ probably will never again be performed in a way that satisfies my demands. Even Dolly Parton performs it as if it was something to be happy about, to cheer to.

XKCD 1110 – click and drag

Amazing. I’ve been finding new things all the time since 15 minutes at least…
Again I salute to XKCD.